Our staff are trained and experienced in providing our customers with top notch service and enthusiasm. The key to any successful business is making sure the people who operate the business have a passion for what they do - and that's exactly what we have at Marine Services Wanganui!

We dive, we fish, we run our own boats, and we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Don't take our word for it, come out and meet us or give us a call!

Company History

Founded by James and Jan Newell in 2002, our company has continually expanded its range of products and services to adapt to the dynamic needs of our customers. As authorized agents for BRP and Yamaha, we take immense pride not only in selling their products but also in delivering exceptional service. With a dedicated team of 18 full-time employees and skilled part-time staff, we offer comprehensive support across all aspects of our operations. Our marine division, specializing in Yamaha outboard engines and DNA Boats, has experienced remarkable growth and success.

As the foremost Can-Am ATV dealership in New Zealand, we are proud of our accomplishments. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with an exceptional sales and service team, has been instrumental in our achievements.


Nestled on our rural property at 237 Rapanui Road, Westmere, We initially began as a mobile servicing business, utilizing James's van as our operational hub. However, as our remarkable growth unfolded, we recognized the necessity of constructing a purpose-built workshop and showroom to accommodate our expanding endeavors. Continuing along our path of expansion, we are currently in the process of incorporating an additional ATV workshop to meet our growing demands. Within our expansive showroom, a captivating assortment of offerings awaits, including electronic displays, Fishing & dive gear, Yamaha outboard motors, and a diverse range of Cam-Am ATVs.

In order to ensure optimal efficiency and personalized attention, each mechanic is assigned their own dedicated work station within our workshop. Furthermore, our property boasts vast paddocks and rolling hills, providing the ideal terrain for test riding the Can-Am ATVs.